Here in the PR world, we love to stay in tune with what’s going on and what people are talking about. Doing so allows us to effectively communicate and relate with our key audiences.  One way we keep our pulse on the hottest topics, trends, and headlines is through social media.  That’s why we got a kick out of TIME Magazine’s recent article and video on Facebook’s Most Talked About Topics for 2013.

From a PR standpoint, looking at these trends is a great way to get an idea about what people, both globally and within the United States, find “social media worthy.”  It allows us to learn what topics our key audiences are talking about on their social media channels, specifically Facebook.   With this information, we can understand a huge group of people just a little bit better, without ever knowing their names, careers, location, or specific hobbies (other than listening to Miley Cyrus, of course).

The article even gives us a peek into what life events folks find the most worthy of broadcasting on their social media channels, and the winners highlight an important message, particularly important for a PR professional.  With “adding a relationship,” “getting engaged” or “getting married” topping the list both in America and worldwide, it’s clear that relationships and human interaction, regardless of your language, country, or culture, is a priority. 

Although this statistic refers specifically to a romantic relationship, the message applies to other aspects of the world we live in: human connections are key, and forming and building relationships with other human beings trumps all else.  As a PR professional, this finding is warming. 

And one additional note – the mere fact that Facebook users wanted to share their new relationships with others shows that human interaction is the foundation of how we act on a day-to-day basis.  And this spans beyond just finding a new relationship or getting engaged or married.  New baby?  Super Bowl? Government shutdown?  There’s no easier way to learn about and enjoy, or overcome, these life highlights or hardships than share them with others on your social media channels.

Now tell us, were you surprised by any of the most talked about topics for 2013?