Blogging has become increasingly important for brand visibility and management in recent years. It seems just about every business from a mom-and-pop shop to Hubspot has a corporate blog, resulting in a stream of content on a variety of different topics. With the growing number of blogs available to read on the internet, brands are finding it difficult to grow their base of subscribers and cut through the competitive noise.

Here are 11 easy ways you can boost your blog performance:

[1] Use lists, bullets and/or subheads to make the content “scannable” and easy to read.

[2] Place sharing icons “above the fold” of the page, or make them “float” with the reader up or down the page.

[3] Use short sentences and a hook in the introductory paragraph.

[4] Use large images, video and creative infographics.

[5] Refer to relevant news, other bloggers and industry influencers in posts to attract more attention to the blog. Follow up by tweeting the blog at them to let them know they are mentioned!

[6] Base your word choice off popular keywords for SEO. Try searching words on Google or use Google’s KeyWord Planner to decide which words to include—especially in the title.

[7] Allow for guest blogging or user-generated content. Encourage others (including your readers!) to get involved.

[8] Write relevant content. Test your topic in Google Trends to see if it’s trending or relevant.

[9] Write about topics competitors are writing about. Type “your topic” + “competitor’s name” into Google to check.

[10] Make the headline compelling! Check out CoSchedule to get a headline score before posting.

[11] If you want the blog to be seen as an expert voice, let it be an expert voice! Write lists, tips and “How-To” posts to become an influencer and thought leader in your industry.

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